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Aggies hold health fair at Brazos County Health Department

Posted at 6:58 AM, Apr 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-25 15:11:34-04

BRYAN, Texas — Ags Reach is a Texas A&M student organization founded in 2020 to support The Reach Project and involve students in the REACH vision.

Reagan Isbell, Chief Operating Officer of Ags REACH detailed how their health fair is much needed in the Brazos Valley.

“We have a lot of empowering health resources we want to give out,” said Isbell.

“We are just trying to reach everyone since this is a completely free event.”

As Ags REACH continues to make its mark on and off-campus, this student-led program would not be possible without the founder behind it all – Max Gerall, who started reach after graduation in 2018.

Gerall said his vision started with ensuring everyone from all walks of life can get equal healthcare access.

“The REACH Project also offers education in ESL and GED, we [also] do financial literacy and entrepreneurial education but most importantly homeownership,” Gerall said.

“The idea is if we can help everyone access these resources – free of charge and at their leisure, we can help them to achieve their fullest potential and their future generations simultaneously.”

Like Gerall, from one visionary to another hoping to make a difference in people’s lives, Greg Johnson founder of the Triumphant Trends Aspiring Motivational Group helps organizations like REACH to encourage the youth who are seeking a better life than they can… even when money can be an issue.

“Some things cost a little money, we try to encourage them in light of that so that way when they do it while they are young, they can perfect that later on in life and walk in confidence,” said Johnson.

“It feels good to walk in confidence.”

The Ags REACH health fair included information from the prenatal clinic, diabetes, heart health, nutrition, and exercise to name a few.

Isbell said it’s about taking care of the people who have given so much for them at Texas A&M.

“We’re the ones with the free time and the passion and the care – so it is really cool to develop those things,” said Isbell.

“We’ve got nursing students, we’ve got public health students, who want to use the stuff they are learning in school to be able to help the people who help us at A&M.”