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Aggieland Humane Society offers half-off adoptions through end of July

Posted at 6:06 PM, Jul 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-25 12:10:22-04

BRYAN, Texas — With many animals coming into Aggieland Humane this week, they need your help in finding these furry friends a forever home.

“So today actually kicks off our half-off adoption event that’s going to run from now through the end of the month,” said Jennifer Young, executive director. “All dogs, cats, kittens, puppies ... you name it, everything is half off.”

Young said this is their busy time and the organization has seen an influx this summer.

“Even just this week, we’ve had nearly 60 animals come into our care which may not sound like a lot, but it really is,” said Young. “Our shelters, both the cat house and the dog kennels are both at capacity.”

Carolyn Greig is an intern at Aggieland Humane and wants the animals to have a chance to live a fulfilled life.

“Very crowded right now and already a bunch of animals are in foster care,” said Greig. “People coming in adopting gives the animal a chance to actually live a good, happy life instead of being stuck here for months on end.”

Young said she just wants the animals to have a place to thrive.

“We’re really trying to make an effort to find these pets homes so they can be more comfortable, they can start to socialize more with the new family, and to just make room for the next pet in need,” said Young.

Greig said the adult animals need love too.

“Just be prepared for what you’re getting into and take a look at some of the adult animals as well,” said Greig. “Don’t just pass them up because they’re not tiny little babies. The benefits of adults is that you already know their personality. You know what they’re going to be like when they grow up.”

Even though Aggieland Humane is at capacity, they will never sacrifice their furry friends for space.

“We never euthanize for space,” said Young. “That is something that’s very important to our mission and that’s why having folks that are willing to adopt and looking to add those new members to their family is so important so that we can make room for everybody.”

Young said if you do plan to adopt, they have already taken care of the necessities for your future pet.

“Pets come fully vaccinated,” said Young. “They’re microchipped. They’re already spayed or neutered. If you start totaling those costs up at a vet, you’re talking several hundreds of dollars. It’s an incredible value and you get an awesome pet and new friend.”

If you’re interested in adopting, you can visit the Aggieland Humane society website here: Adoption Process & Application – Aggieland Humane Society.