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Aggieland Humane Society filled to brim with strays, puppy and kitten season in full swing

Posted at 11:25 PM, Mar 17, 2022

BRYAN, Texas — Across the United States we’ve entered what’s known as kitten and puppy season, which is the time of year that stray cats and dogs typically give birth to litters of kittens and puppies. At the Aggieland Humane Society in Bryan, the shelter is really feeling the effects of this season, as the facilities are overflowing with animals – particularly dogs.

The shelter is having to improvise with dog kennels due to the recent influx of more than 90 animals in three weeks. Just Thursday afternoon, a Brazos County sheriff's deputy brought in a litter of stray puppies while KRHD was on the scene.

“Puppy and kitten season definitely is in," said Savannah Gaines, development director with Aggieland Humane Society. "We’ve had way more puppies than kittens at this point, but it’s just ramping up and we’re expecting an extra-long season.”

Most of the animals coming in have been unclaimed strays, not owner surrenders. The shelter is searching, not only for adopters and volunteers but for donations that will help fund spay and neuter surgeries.

“There’s so many benefits to spaying and neutering your pet, along with preventing those unwanted litters that could end up here with something like mange," Gaines said.

Some of the baby animals Aggieland Humane has rescued recently came into the shelter with diseases like mange and ringworm. Taking care of all these litters is often the job, not only for shelter staff but volunteer foster families.

“We do have some really wonderful fosters that are able to do bottle feeding for our neonatal puppies and kittens, but we could always use more," said Kaitlin Raley, an Aggieland Humane administrator, and longtime animal foster mom. "It is the more time-consuming foster option because they have to be cared for around the clock. You’re basically the mama dog or cat if we don’t have one. So anybody that’s willing to help us out, to be that care that they need, is always very helpful.”

Shelter staff said they aren’t sure what’s led to the recent influx of adult stray animals; but regardless, they hope adoption rates pick up soon*. The organization is currently running a $12 adoption special through the end of the month.

*Staff asked that KRHD clarify – the Chihuahua mix puppies seen here on screen have already been claimed for adoption. Their mother, however, still needs a home.