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Aggies to host LSU game Nov. 28 in College Station

Posted at 5:55 PM, Nov 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-27 18:55:57-05

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — It's been nearly a month since Kyle Field hosted any Aggie football opponents, but that changes this weekend as the Louisiana State Tigers are being welcomed to College Station!

Head Coach of the Aggies, Jimbo Fisher, says his team feels excited and anxious to get back to work with the LSU match coming up.

"LSU is always going to get your attention because of what they have accomplished and what they have done, no doubt, but I think right now, not playing for 3 weeks, it wouldn't matter who we were playing to get our attention.... but getting LSU does make it better," Fisher said.

The College Football Playoff Committee announced earlier this week that Texas A&M has landed a spot in the Top 5, a great feat with their eyes set on the next game. Even with a near 3-week break from seeing any play, fans have faith their Aggies will continue to show up.

"I've been watching Aggie Football for many, many years of course. Hopefully, we won't have a slow start getting back into gear. I think we are on a mission this year. Things may turn our way, we are already having a great season and I hope it continues," Ryan Garcia, a TAMU alum from the class of '96 said.

The Aggies are 5-1 heading into Saturday's match up and Head Coach, Jimbo Fischer, says its a step in the right direction. If they collect a win this weekend, a 6-1 record will be something that haven't had in a couple of years.

"To get to the top of the mountain, you have to take one step at a time. That's another step and hopefully it's showing us we can play with more consistency and we are learning to do that and we are appreciating how to prepare and get ready to play these important games in our own conference," Fisher added.

A rivalry is where both teams collect wins and where bragging rights are at stake. Both the Aggies and Tigers have posted wins against one another alongside big games in recent years as well.

So... are the Aggies and the Tigers rivals? If you ask Jimbo, he will say that's up to someone else to decide.

"Whether it's a rivalry or not? I don't know that. I just know it's a very important football game," Fisher said. "It's a team you have to play well against to reach your goals in the SEC West to get to where you have to go in the national spotlight. So it's a very important game. Whether it's a rivalry game or not, that's up for other people to decide. It's just an extremely important game I know that, each and every year.

Although some fans say a rivalry may be in the works!

"It's kinda becoming a rivalry... its been the big game these last few years," Garcia added.

After a beat-down in Baton Rouge last year, the Texas A&M Aggies are eager to host the LSU Tigers at Kyle Field. Fans say the pandemic stress, nor rain, can prevent the 12th man from being felt in College Station this weekend.

"Especially with COVID-19 and everything going on. Not having the majority of the 12th Man in the stands.
Of course, we are still getting out there. I hope everybody comes back from turkey day and gets over to the stadium and does their job and stands up and yells ,including the old Ags," Garcia added.

Kickoff is set for 6pm, Nov 28.