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A&M Aggie STEM camp inspires the next generation

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-08 14:49:58-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M professors and graduate students join forces for their annual Aggie stem summer camp. Students are being exposed and inspired by the possible career paths in STEM.

Aggie stem summer camp provides young elementary to high school students with a fun environment to learn in and inspire them for their future careers.

”The first objective of ours is that we are trying to expose our students to science, engineering, mathematics, and technology,” said Niyazi Erdogan, Program Coordinator for Aggie STEM.

Exposing students to these various topics and providing them with hands-on activities has already inspired campers like Harper Light.

”This has helped me decide what I want to do like I want to be an engineer one day or something like that, I used to want to be like a surgeon because my mom she works at the hospital but now with this STEM experience, I want to do something in that career path,” said Harper Light, Aggie STEM Camper.

These campers stay on campus gaining the full Aggie experience.

”Having them experience the college life you see they're staying in the dorms, they’re going to dining halls on campus they’re taking the bus,” said Erdogan.

The Aggie stem camp also hopes to inspire these campers to become future Aggies. They combine a fun hands-on experience with critical thinking and knowledge-based topics.

”I like the helicopter is was fun to like build it and redesign it multiple times to try to find the best one for you and then we did our own competition to see who can fly the furthest,” said Light.

Edie South said all the skills learned especially in mathematics are helping keep her brain sharp for this upcoming school year.

”I feel like just doing it throughout the summer just refreshed our brain a little bit and keeps us going so we’ll be ready for school later in the year,” said South.