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7-on-7 weekend events boost local Bryan College Station economy

Posted at 9:15 AM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-28 10:15:42-04

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — College Station sports tourism kicked off Memorial Day Weekend and it's been all gas, no breaks, ever since.

Over the last month, every weekend, there has been at least one event held at Veterans Park. The City of College Station says they have averaged nearly 9 events in 6 weeks.

This weekend was all about 7-on-7 action. Sunday, the park hosted the Tournament of Champions with Gridiron Football.

"We have 80 teams ranging from 10U-18U all competing for their state championship," Gene Ballew, Athletics and Tourism Manager with College Station Parks and Recreation said about the annual event.

Sunday's event was followed by the well-known State 7-on-7 event, which was held Thursday through Saturday.

"We finished state 7-on-7 on 2 pm Saturday and then immediately following that we started this event," Ballew added. "7-on-7 is essentially your summer football. When fall ends, everybody transitions to 7-on-7, so they can keep playing and get ready for fall to start in August."

Last year, the Tournament of Champions was held, but the State 7-on-7 was on pause because of the pandemic, but both events were back in College Station this weekend.

Organizers say nearly $2.5 million is expected to hit the local economy from both 7-on-7 events, this weekend alone.

"We had 128 teams for state 7-on-7 and then 80 teams for the Tournament of Champions" Gene Ballew, Athletics and Tourism Manager with College Station Parks and Recreation said. "Thanks to our wonderful staff and operations staff and crew we were able to turn around the park in less than an hour, as one event we started a whole another event."

Ballew says they take a break from action next weekend, but the Aggieland Classic follows shortly after on July 8 to 11, which is senior softball.

"It's good to see all the people here in College Station enjoying our facilities, staying at our hotels, going out to our restaurants, going to the businesses, just keeping the economy alive," he added.