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$442,000 bond reduced to $60,000 for lone witness to CSPD involved shooting

Celeste Perez
Posted at 12:12 PM, Feb 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 15:46:01-05

COLLEGE STATION, TX — On Feb 8., 25 News KRHD reached out to Craig Greening, the defense attorney for Celeste Perez, and received
the following statement:

"I attended a negotiation last week and after discussing several facts of Perez, such as her being a graduate of Texas A&M, her current physical therapy class schedule, her part-time work as a server, trying to support herself through school. With that and the fact she's not being considered a flight risk, we were able to negotiate to that number."

Attorney Greening also confirmed, Perez, was released this morning after a local judge signed off on the new bail; that which was agreed to by the DA's office as well.

Perez posted the $60,000 bail and was fitted with an ankle monitor before release Feb 8.

Earlier, Greening had posted the following to a support Facebook group for the late Ryan Stallings:

“We have reached an agreement with the District Attorneys Office. The bond will be reduced from $442,000 to $60,000. We will be securing Celeste’s release as soon as the judge signs the new bond,” announced Greening.

As of Feb 8, Attorney Greening says they're waiting on additional evidence and police reports. 25 News KRHD was also able to confirm Perez is set to face a Grand Jury that will attempt to indict her on her charges.

As previously reported, Perez was facing five charges of manufacture and delivery of illegal narcotics.

Perez remains the lone witness to the officer-involved shooting of Stallings, in what began, as just a "routine traffic stop"; according to the CS press release. Despite calling EMS, Stallings was pronounced dead on the scene after multiple resuscitation efforts failed.

25 News KRHD also reached out to Jessica Escue, Assistant District Attorney of the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office, and is still awaiting a response.