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3rd annual Memorial Ruck & Ride honors two Milam County fallen heroes

Posted at 10:13 AM, Aug 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-16 15:02:04-04

MILAM COUNTY, TEXAS — Local veteran communities banded together Saturday morning to honor two fallen heroes from Milam County.

"We are honoring today second LT Darryn Dean Andrews and Master Sgt Charles Price III," Event Organizer Bobbie Wiesman said.

The third annual Milam County Memorial Ruck & Ride was held Saturday morning, remembering two hometown heroes, killed in action.

"Each year, it seemed like it just happened, it don't seem like its been 10 years... It seems like it just happened," Grace Price, Master Sgt. Charles Price III's mother said.

Army Master Sgt Charles Price III's mother said her son served in the U.S. Army for two decades when the unthinkable happened during deployment in Afghanistan.

"The jeep he was in hit something and that was it," Price added.

Price said the annual event is special because that means people are still thinking about her son and honoring his memory.

"He was very special, he still is very special. He's my baby. I love to honor him," Price said.

"It's really hard to just pick one day of the year like Memorial Day to make that notation because they live with the loss everyday," Wiesman said.

Event organizer Bobbie Wiesman said she's making sure no one forgets the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

"Hwy 77 South of Cameron is dedicated to Master Sgt Price and Hwy 77 N of Cameron is dedicated to 2nd LT Darryn Andrews," Wiesman said.

The ruck, military jargon for a walk with loaded gear, was eight miles long, including a route along the 2nd LT Darryn Dean Andrews Memorial Highway.

"To be asked to come lead this... was just very... it was nice," event participant Kristopher Biggs said.

Biggs, a veteran and amputee athlete, led the way.

"I got hit by a suicide car bomb in 2007, shattered both of my legs, they ended up taking my left leg below the knee in 2014," said Biggs, who served in the U.S. Army for seven years as a combat engineer with two tours in Iraq.

It was his first visit to Cameron, a trip he said he will never forget.

"A lot of people don't really understand the aspects of what it is to be a veteran and to have people that are fallen and once you see people come together, they understand our community a little bit better," Biggs said.

Shortly after the ruck was the ride, which started in Rockdale and by way of the Master Sergeant Charles Price III Memorial Highway.

"For Charles.. his number got called a couple of times... multiple combat deployments.. from his first one, as a young private with these men, to when he was a Master Sgt, a senior leader on his last deployment to Afghanistan.. It's people like this...," retired U.S. Army Colonel Mike Kershaw said.

Kershaw, Master Sgt. Price's commanding officer during Operation Desert Storm wrapped up the event, giving special honors to the late Master Sergeant.