Army veteran went from serving his country to serving his community

Posted at 9:09 PM, Jun 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-22 22:09:33-04

HARKER HEIGHTS, TX — Central Texans are connected to Fort Hood in many ways, each with a unique story to tell.

Meet Nathan Peters, a resident of Harker Heights and a U.S Army Veteran who proudly served our country for 21 years.

After retiring out of Fort Hood. he and his family decided to put down roots in Bell County.

”We decided to stay here because my wife worked at what used to be called Metroplex and now it’s AdventHealth,” said Peters. “She was a pharmacy tech working there. So, we decided to stay here. Plus we love Texas so much.”

Nathan’s life outside of the military started in a dark place, injuries he sustained while enlisted lead him down a path of addiction.

”I was addicted to pain meds. A lot of pain meds I was being given while in the Army and as a retiree with the VA,” said Peters.

With the love of family and the help of his community, he was able to beat his addiction.

That help inspired him to do the same for his community.

”So, you see these things. Things that would help me out a lot. So, I decided hey, I can do things too,” said Peters. “I can help other people too because if you start not worrying about what's wrong with you but how you can help others, it will fix you too.”

Now he dedicates his life to his community and neighborhood.

From volunteering to maintain the front entrance to his neighborhood and installing doggy stations, to bringing the neighborhood together for Halloween.

”People started decorating their home. People started saying hey, there is trick-or-treaters now,” said Peters. “This past year, we had over 28 participate verbally and we had about 32 homes that actually participated.”

Everything he does is in service to his community but as a father, his favorite way to give back is by coaching youth sports teams like his soccer team that went 8-0 this season.

”I love being able to coach young kids, I love it,” said Peters. “I enjoy it. I started at U4 and have been working my way and right now I’m at U12. We’ll be going back down to U4 as well. So, I will be doing U12 and U4 come July.”

Nathan is a Fort Hood veteran who beat addiction, proudly served his country, and now applies that same dedication to serving the Fort Hood community.

He no longer wears a military uniform but he continues to serve and does so in Bell County; becoming one of the many faces of Fort Hood.