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Burleson County residents feeling aftermath of Monday night storms

Posted at 9:16 PM, Mar 22, 2022

SNOOK, Texas — Storms and damaging winds made their way through Burleson County Monday night, affecting some residents in the Snook area.

The sunshine and blue skies told a much different story Tuesday rather than Monday evening, as storms swept through Burleson County.

Resident Ivy Chatwin recalled her night.

“I peeked out the window and saw that our rain barrel had been tossed off of its stand," said Chatwin. "Some potted plants had been scattered across the yard with a couple branches. After the All-Clear, We had come out[side] and it was really quiet - I didn’t know if that was a good sign or not.”

But resident Jessica Paul had an even worse night on her hands.

“We saw the tornado on the other side of our neighbor’s house, and we ran in and hunkered down in the bathtub," said Paul. "It was over in about three to four minutes."

Paul’s experience didn’t last long but was surprised to see her roof wasn’t a part of her house anymore.

“We noticed our roof was coming up in certain parts and then we looked to our neighbor's house and that’s where it landed that night," said Paul.

Officials from The National Weather Service were in the Burleson County area Tuesday, retracing the path of Monday night’s storms.

“We think the tornado touched down in the area from the damage reports we have been hearing, so we are trying to document the path link, the intensity, so where exactly did the tornado begin? We think it’s pretty close where we are right here," said Lancewood from The National Weather Service.

Some residents were still reliving the Monday night event.

“It’s tough… my wife passed away in May, my son passed away in February," said longtime resident Donnie Victorick. "This whole time I had a feeling I was going to get hit. I just felt it.”

Overall, residents like Jessica and Donnie said this could have been much worse for them but, they’re glad this horrible weather has passed out of town.