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1,377 pounds of precooked chicken from Wayne Farms, LLC recalled

Wayne Farms, LLC holds its main operations in Decatur, Alabama. It issued a recall affecting its 9-pound boxes containing 12-packs of chicken.
1,377 pounds of pre-cooked chicken from Wayne Farms, LLC recalled
Posted at 9:17 PM, Dec 08, 2023

Wayne Farms, LLC out of Decatur, Alabama has issued a recall for around 1,377 pounds of precooked chicken breasts because some of the product may not be fully cooked. 

The chicken breasts were produced in mid-October 2023, and came in 9-pound cardboard boxes filled in packs of 12. 

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On the cases, there is a label including the alphanumeric combination "P-20214."

The company said at least one complaint came through reporting the chicken product appeared to be undercooked. The product was shipped to a distributor in Illinois from where it would be sent out to food service locations.

Food safety regulators are urging restaurants and other businesses not to serve products from this manufacturer if they are included in the recall. 

The U.S. Food Safety Inspection Service said anyone who feels they are experiencing an illness should call their health care provider immediately. 

FSIS is instructing consumers and businesses to throw away any products included in the recall or to return them to the point of purchase.

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