Trunk or Treat in South Waco

Posted at 12:26 AM, Oct 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-30 21:11:38-04

The annual Halloween carnival is a Central Texas favorite, but with the weather not allowing the event to go on, the South Waco Recreation Center hosted a Trunk or Treat celebration instead.

Nearly 2,000 people came out to join in on the fun, filling the entire area.

The event started out as a compromise due to the cancellation of the carnival, but the turnout was more than any of the staff could have ever imagined.

They say that this is their community and they’re happy to serve.

"I live here, I work here, I shop here, I do everything here. So to have the community come out and support programs that we do, especially this type of event, in this big of scope here; it means a lot. I just know that we're doing something for the community, they're receptive," said Rebecca Cresbo, Supervisor for the South Waco Community Center.

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