CTX physical therapist creates program for children with special needs

Posted at 8:51 PM, Oct 15, 2017
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Kelsey Baas is the owner of Compleo, a multidisciplinary clinic in Woodway.

She's a physical therapist who specializes in chronic pain and scoliosis. There's also a licensed counselor and dietitian on staff.  Together, they're creating programs for the special needs community.

"I grew up watching my mom who was in special education and I got to watch her start a respite program in Dallas and it's just a population that I felt called to work with," said Baas. "They are such beautiful children and adults and I learned so much from spending time with them."

The Irwin family was the first to sign up for Compleo's 'Creating Links' program. 

For the last 10 years, they've been pushing their daughter, Ashlyn, to beat the odds. 

"We could tell there were some problems that she was having so we took her to a neurologist and they said she had brain damage and that she may never walk or talk," said Michelle. "It's been a victory for us, but it's been hard work."  

Ashlyn is already involved in a number of sports teams and programs within the community, but her parents are looking forward to her receiving additional help in a one-stop-shop. 

The 6-week program at Compleo will cover physical exercises for the kids and education sessions for the whole family.

"Trying to access them has been very frustrating because, you know, we want to do these things, but trying to find the programs has been very difficult," said Scott, Ashlyn's father. 

"It'll help us understand a little bit more about Ashlyn and how we can all contribute that to be a better family as a whole," said Aiden, Ashlyn's brother.

The program aims to strengthen family bonds while creating even brighter futures for those who see the world in a different light.

"Taking care of the kids in our community means taking care of ourselves," said Bass.

'Creating Links' schedule:

  • October 15th: Kim Zander, LPC, RPT- Sibling Coping (Bring all siblings!)
  • October 22: Dr. Soo Battle with Camp Careful: Recognizing & preventing child sexual abuse in the special needs population.
  • October 29: Kim Zander, LPC, RPT-Parent Coping
  • November 5th: Amber Arnold, RD-Fitting in proper nutrition
  • November 12th: M'Lissa Howen, Head of School St. Paul's 
  • Episcopal, Founder of Night Lights Respite Program, BA Education/Masters Education, Former
  • Educator and Administrator in Public Schools: How to advocate for your child through the ARD process
  • November 19th: The Law Offices of Steve Howen- Estate Planning for Special Needs Families

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