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'Not a better Texas (lawman) you can find!' Burleson County Chief Deputy in 'good health' after shooting

Burleson County Chief Deputy John Pollock
Posted at 2:27 PM, Aug 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-20 13:21:33-04

BRAZOS VALLEY, Texas — Today, Chief Deputy John Pollock is being released from the hospital after getting shot in the face during a standoff earlier this week.

KRHD 25 News is live on the scene, alongside many supporters, ready to see Chief Deputy Pollock make his return home.

ORIGINAL STORY: Burleson County Chief Deputy John Pollock is currently hospitalized after being shot in the face during a standoff Tuesday evening.

"We're asking for prayers," said Sheriff Hermes about his chief deputy's condition.

According to the Grimes County Sheriff's Office, Pollock is now out of a long surgery that went well. Doctors are monitoring to avoid infection. The damage to his jaw will require a lengthy healing process.

"By God’s grace and mercy I’m still here," Pollock said in an update of his own. "My family and I are overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and of support shown by friends, family, our community and total strangers. We love you y’all!"

Pollock has served as a peace officer for over 27 years across the Brazos Valley.

For 26 of those years, he served the Brazos County Sheriff's Office as both a police officer and a jailer.

Pollock had clocked in more than 2,600 hours of training courses, according to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Records show he had taken various courses in 2021 as well, including mental health training for jailers, advanced human trafficking, and informed response - sexual assault and violence.

"Not a better Texas Law Man you can find," said James Napolitano via Facebook, former chief of police for the Montgomery Police Department.

Sheriff Hermes asks the community to pray for his deputy's quick recovery and family, and for Texas law enforcement that is still working on the investigation.