Relief group steps up to help rancher affected be recent wildfires and tornados

Posted at 7:38 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 22:09:18-04

TEXAS — Natural disasters like wildfires and tornados cause devastation wherever they strike ... farmland and ranches are no exception.

That’s where the good folks with Rancher Navy come in.

”We’re an agricultural relief group that meets the needs of Ranchers that are finding themselves in a crisis situation,” said Morgan Broome, COO of Rancher Navy.

This Saturday, Rancher Navy is leading a convoy of supplies from McLane Stadium in Waco to assist ranchers in Texas that have been devastated by recent wildfires.

”We are going to have people from all over the state of Texas coming with hay and feed and we’re going to drive it up to the Live Band area, to one of our drop off locations," said Broome. "So, we can get that out to the ranchers whose pastures burned.”

Local ranchers are pitching in, too.

”That’s what farmers and ranchers do, we stick together and take care of one another. It’s a small world that farmers and ranchers live in and we’ve always taken care of one another. When one group suffers, everyone comes together and helps out in one family,” said Jimmy Bennett, Central Texas Rancher.

It’s not only fires that destroy homes and property. That is why Rancher Navy is gathering supplies for those hit by tornados as well.

”Phone chargers, laundry detergents and dry goods that are going to head directly to Florance for that area that was impacted by the tornados and we are working on ascertaining their agricultural needs as well," said Broome.

It truly is a community coming together in times of need.

”Anytime we can come together and serve a community, we’re bettering ourselves and bettering the world one person at a time and that’s what’s important.” said Bennett.

Most of the supplies leaving Waco on Saturday will be going to those affected by the Eastland Complex and other recent wildfires.