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Texas A&M students make headway with 'senior care planning' app

Olera - Senior care planning
Posted at 9:05 PM, Apr 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-11 16:12:49-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A group of A&M students is on a mission to provide a one-stop-shop guide to all things senior care planning.

Just recently, their startup company was awarded funds totaling $2.3 million dollars over a three-year span from the National Institution of Health, National Institution on Aging, and the Small Business Innovation Research.

These students spotted a need for more guidance when it comes to providing care for the aging population.

"Olera is really focused on aging care and helping educate and refer to professionals that can help them take the best care of their parents, grandparents or spouses as they age,” said Logan Dubose, chief operating officer for Olera Inc.

The guide makes it easier for families and caregivers as they prepare for the next chapter of their loved ones' life.

It allows them to find legal and financial guidance, all in one place.

“I think that would be beneficial," said Nancy Crouch, daughter of Legacy Nursing Resident.

"I think if we’d had that three or four years ago, if an app had all the information in one spot, it would have been good,”

The mission behind Olera hits close to come for Chief Operating Officer Logan Dubose.

”It can really hit people hard whenever somebody has a stroke," said Dubose.

"For example, my grandpa had strokes in 2019, four of them, and so my family personally went through trying to arrange home care for him,”

As an organization, the Aggies believe they can really make a difference.

”A common problem among a lot of Americans currently is that there are 53 million caregivers in the United States and the aging population is expected to double by 2040,” said Jeswin Vennatt, chief marketing officer for Olera Inc.

The startup app is moving into its prototype testing phase.

During this trial, 50 long-term care facilities across Texas will provide feedback to help refine the product.

“Our goal a decade from now and looking forward and things like that, our goal is to become a household name in elder care,” said Vennatt.

The students have been mentored by A&M's distinguished professor Dr. Marcia G. Ory, who specializes in population health and aging.

With her guidance, they plan to continue pitching their business plan to investors.

The Olera business plan has been recently pitched during the 2022 SEC pitch and Rice Business plan competition.

The students are still accepting those interested in participating in the prototype testing.

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