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New Orleans musicians relocate to Bryan to continue performing through the pandemic

Posted at 9:54 AM, Feb 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-09 10:54:33-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX — The pandemic snatched the sound of many musical cities- leading three New Orleanian musicians here.

The sound is New Orleans, but the stage is Bryan.

"It was wonderful. Oh yeah, being on the stage again. So that's home. and wherever that can happen so that's Bryan Now," Ace Carlson, New Orleans musician said.

Ace Carlson returned to the stage- performing at the Third Floor in Downtown Bryan on New Year's Eve- the same night she and her boyfriend, Arron Barringer moved from New Orleans.

"They canceled everything and we just had no way to make a living so it's bittersweet," Arron Barringer, New Orleans musician said.

"It was so difficult to make any movement there. You know, and it was just that we were fighting and Bryan welcomed us with open arms," Carson said.

Open arms and listening ears. The artists have performed several more times since that first performance.

About a month later, fellow musician, Christopher Johnson joined them.

"It's been hard. To come somewhere, where there's a little more opportunity to do what I love to do has been good for my soul," Johnson said.

Leaving their beloved music hub to continue their artistry.

"It breaks my heart to think about the city that I love being in the state that it is. It will always be there because it is New Orleans but it's not New Orleans without the musicians," Johnson said.

Bringing their Big Easy pride and energy to breathe the life music into this small town.

"It's kind of cool to build something from the ground up, and it's fun. It's a little bit different. I like it," Ace Carlson, New Orleans said.

"Do I see myself going back? Not right now. Not anytime soon. No, no. We're here, we're here to stay for a while," Barringer said.

Starting February 21, the New Orleanians are starting up a Sunday Blues Brunch.