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'I've got one in jail and one in the morgue,' says grandmother of teen accused of killing brother

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Linda Charanca, the grandmother of the teen accused of killing his brother has chosen to speak out about that horrifying night.

Officials said that Lucas Benson, 21, was shot by his 17-year-old brother, Michael Weaver, at point-blank range with a shotgun at 5:30 a.m. on Nov. 3. The incident happened at a home on the 4900 block of U.S. Highway 77 in Golinda. 

Charanca is the grandmother of both men.

An investigation into the shooting found that Weaver and two other people had gotten into an argument with Benson. Weaver is accused of shooting a single round into Benson's chest. Weaver was arrested earlier this year in connection with a drive-by shooting.

Charanca is going through one of the worst things imaginable, but she said she can't bear to be mad at anyone. 

"I know I'm the grandmother," Charanca said. "I've got one in jail and one in the morgue." 

Early Sunday morning Linda Charanca was woken up by her grandsons arguing. There was also a third man in the room named Binto arguing with them. 

Charanca explains she only knows Binto by that name. 

"I told the boys this stuff has got to be stopped," Charanca said. "Binto and Micheal were the ones that was arguing over the pair of boots. Micheal and Lucas told me 'Mamaw go on in their we got this.'"

Once she walked out of the room and back to the other side of the other side of the house, that's when her life changed forever. 

"I heard the big gun shot go off, I took off running back to the end of the house and I see Lucas laying on the floor. Everybody hollered Micheal shot Lucas, Micheal shot Lucas," Charanca said. 

Charanca visited Weaver Monday and she said she isn't angry with him. However, she is frustrated with the financial situation she faces now as she is trying to pay for Benson's funeral cost and Weaver's bond. 

"He said get Lucas buried, he said because don't worry about me I'm fine I know we don't have this kind of money. And I told him 'yes I'm trying to get Lucas buried but I'm also going to try and get you out,'" Charanca said. 

Weaver's bond was set at $40,000 by the Justice of the Piece on Sunday and changed to $250,000 Monday morning by the Court Judge. 

Sheriff Ricky Scaman of Falls County, who arrested Weaver that day, says bonds can raise based on previous incidents. 

"It was a little low for a bond for some one who just committed murder and given his history it should have been quite a bit higher of a bond he's a dangerous man," Scaman said.

Sheriff Scaman also says Weaver has yet to confess but based off evidence collected so far he was the one that pulled the trigger. However, the sheriff is not close to closing the case. 

"We're still going to fight, we're still going to look we're still going to turn every stone we can," Scaman said. "We're still going to get everything we can put together we're going to continue the investigation until we exhaust everything that we can."

And now Charanca is left reminiscing about the past and wishing she was in the room when the shot was fired. 

"They're very good boys, like I've said I've raised em. They've hunt together they've fished together," Charanca said. "They loved each other and Michael held Lucas on this floor and (was) hollering 'brother I didn't shoot you, I didn't shoot you brother. I love you brother.' In my heart maybe he did, maybe he don't I don't know."

If you have any information regarding the investigation you are urged to call the Falls County Sheriff's office at (254) 803-2912. You can also call anonymously to the Falls County Crime Stoppers at (254) 883-0332

The family is asking for help regarding funeral costs for Benson. You can donate on their GoFundMe page or in person at the Pecan Grove Funeral Home located at 3124 N Robinson Dr. 

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