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20 Texas universities make world's top 1,000 list

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A new study from the Center of World University Rankings put together a list of the world's top universities against each other. 

The study looked at the number of pending international patents and research papers published to measure the college's impact globally.

Twenty schools from Texas were on the list:

Univesity of Texas at Austin
World Rank: 31
USA Rank: 22
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
World Rank: 66
USA Rank: 41
Texas A&M University
World Rank: 78
USA Rank: 45
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
World Rank: 89
USA Rank: 49
Baylor College of Medicine
World Rank: 94
USA Rank: 51
Rice University 
World Rank: 129
USA Rank: 57
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
World Rank: 194
USA Rank: 76
University of Houston
World Rank: 299
USA Rank 103
University of Texas at Dallas
World Rank: 304
USA Rank: 104
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
World Rank: 316
USA Rank: 108
Texas Tech University 
World Rank: 437
USA Rank: 126
University of Texas Medical Branch
World Rank: 469
USA Rank: 130
Southern Methodist University
World Rank: 481
USA Rank: 133
University of Texas at Arlington
World Rank: 558
USA Rank: 150
Baylor University
World Rank: 568
USA Rank: 153
University of Texas at San Antonio
World Rank: 649
USA Rank: 166
University of North Texas
World Rank: 682
USA Rank: 172
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
World Rank: 759
USA Rank: 182
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