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City council makes unanimous decision to place city manager on administrative leave

(Source: City of Woodway) (Source: City of Woodway)

On Friday, the Woodway City Council placed city manager and former public safety director Yost Zakhary on administrative leave with pay pending the completion of an internal investigation into allegations that he made inappropriate comments.

Zakhary resigned from his position as public safety director on March 19 after over 30 years in the position but remained city manager. Zakhary resigned from that position on April 5. 

Zakhary was sued by the Woodway Public Safety Department Dispatch Supervisor Sandra Bikel alleging she and other women working in the department were victims of sexual harassment and or assault.

"We have someone who is in power who has abused his power and used his power to vent his own sexual frustrations," Bikel's Attorney Ryan Johnson said.

He added he didn't agree with the council's decision on Friday.

“We are extremely disappointed it has come to this, it should’ve never come to this. The city, if it was courageous as these women are for standing up, Yost Zakhary wouldn’t be on a position of power right now. He wouldn’t have his job. He wouldn’t be still being paid by the taxpayers of this community," Johnson said.

He will remain on leave pending a hearing before city council on April 9. Johnson said they would agree with having a hearing, as long as it is public.

During the leave, Zakhary is not allowed to go to any city office, facility or department, have any contact or communication with any city employee other than Assistant Director Bret Crook or acting City Manager William Klump, become involved in or transmit any radio traffic on the city's radio system or respond to any police and/or fire call for assistance or incidents. 

Johnson claims that his law firm has conducted an independent investigation that uncovered the sexual harassment allegations date from former and current employees go back 10 years. 

Central Texas News Now contacted Zakhary but was unable to reach him.

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