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CTX police department responds to false accusations

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According to a Facebook post made by Belton Police Chief, Gene Ellis:

"A Belton police officer patrolling in the area noticed a car with its windows down. Upon closer inspection it was noted that the doors were also unlocked. The officer wrote up a crime awareness reminder and left it with the vehicle. "

This post is in response to the car's owner posting on Facebook that her car was "broken into" by a Belton Police Officer.

"The individual who complained on Facebook came out to her car on Monday morning and noticed it had been rummaged through. Overnight, an officer had left a courtesy notice reminding the individual to lock her car and informing her that the vehicle registration was expired. This person somehow deduced that it was the officer who entered her vehicle. She apparently also believes that he was considerate enough to leave a note about it."

"I definitely feel like he did everything that he was supposed to do. I don't think that he should have done anything differently," Belton realtor Melanie Strong said. "I think the girl who posted that about him, accusing a police officer of all people of rummaging through her unlocked vehicle with the window down, is kind of reaching straws."

According to the post, here's what Chief Ellis says really happened.

"The officer did not enter the vehicle and continued on with his duties. Sometime between when the notice was left and when the owner checked the vehicle in the morning the vehicle was entered and rummaged through. There were several other car burglaries in the area overnight, and suspects have been identified and charges are pending in connection with the thefts."

"She definitely owes that police officer an apology and like I said, a thank you," Strong said.

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