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CTX volunteer firefighter helps fellow firefighters in Rockport

(Source: Richard Trejo) (Source: Richard Trejo)

A Central Texas volunteer firefighter is donating his time to help his fellow firefighters near the Texas coast.

News Channel 25's Pattrik Simmons spoke exclusively to Central Bell County Fire Rescue senior firefighter Richard Trejo by phone on Tuesday.

Trejo normally works out of the fire station in Nolanville, but for the past week or so, he's been working in Rockport, a city about four hours away, dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

"With all the devastation shown on the news, I felt that we had to come down here and help our fellow firefighters, help them recoup what they lost," Trejo said.

He's been helping dispatch calls for the Rockport Volunteer Fire Department. The department has the only working landline in the city and parts of Aransas County, Trejo said.

"It was something you've never seen before. You know there's supposed to be leaves on these trees and you know there's supposed to be a mobile home on its wheels. It wasn't like that. It was different to see a boat on land that was sideways," Trejo said, as he described the destruction.

Rockport Fire Chief Steve Sims said there were about 20 firefighters hunkered down at the fire station as Harvey made landfall. It's something he said he's never had to do before.

"We heard everything. Debris hitting the building from other buildings that have collapsed. We could see pieces of tin flying by the building. The building itself rumbling and all the doors rattling and actually moving and shaking," Sims said.

Sims said about 12 members of the volunteer fire department lost everything in the storm. They've been collecting monetary donations through Facebook and GoFundMe to help them rebuild.

Trejo said he just wants the people of Aransas County to know Texas has their back.

"Whether it’s dispatching, whether it’s working on an ambulance, whether it’s working on a different fire truck, we just want to make sure that the citizens of Aransas County know that we’re here to support Rockport. We’re going to make sure that we take care of them as well," he said.

Trejo said there are also firefighters from at least Waco, Morgan's Point Resort, and Sparta. He plans to be in Rockport until at least Sept. 29.

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