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Two women killed in Interstate 35 multi-vehicle wreck identified

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All of the victims of the fatal accident on Interstate 35 have been identified. 

According to Waco police, Eugene Watts III, 31, from Arlington was the truck driver killed in the wreck. Jennifer Cludius and Karen Barganier were the other two victims. 

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton said there were four semi-tractor trailers and two passenger vehicles involved. 

One of the tractor trailers caught fire after the crash. 

One passenger vehicle was underneath one of the semi-trucks but the passengers were okay. 

"There was a passenger vehicle that is under a semi truck that was occupied by two male individuals," said Sgt. Swanton. "They're okay." 

"It sounded like a bomb went off," said Mark McDaniel, a witness who was working nearby when the crash happened. 

"I was trying to help him, but when it got to the point where you couldn't help him, you just had to turn around and leave...and watch him die," said McDaniel.

Thirteen Waco Fire Department units responded to heavy smoke conditions. 

Robert Ferrell, a retired civil engineer with bridge design experience, spoke to News Channel 25 about the damage the bridge may have received. 

"When the inspection crew looks at those steel girders, [those] are the ones that are a long term fix. If they're not damaged, that's just an inspection portion," said Ferrell. 

Waco police said that the northbound lanes of Interstate 35 are expected to be closed for at least another five hours and that traffic was backed up to the Bruceville-Eddy area. 

Several area organizations have come together to assist those stuck on the road. 

Robinson Police Department reported that Wal-Mart donated water to Victorious Life Church, who have opened their doors to provide food and water to stranded motorists. Robinson police officers are also on foot providing water and offering gas to stranded motorists. 

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