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Texas Lawman wants to cut Baylor University funding

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Not only does a Texas lawmaker want a state investigation into Baylor University over the sexual assault scandal, he also wants to cut some state funding the school receives.

Monday, State Representative Roland Gutierrez, followed up on his calls for investigation into how the university. handles sexual assaults. He wants to spend five million dollars to have the Texas Rangers investigate the University. Gutierrez says Baylor is failing to protect students.

Many  students on the Baylor campus disagreed with the call to action. Jake Berns a Sophomore at Baylor said he doesn't think the campus has a problem. "I really feel like it's very overdone and it does not at all reflect the environment I see on campus. I would tell you that when you walk on campus and you talk to people you feel like you're in a different type of community that's welcoming," Berns said. 

Representative Gutierrez disagrees, he believes that the state needs to intervene and make sure students are safe. In a statement the Representative says , ""Baylor chose to promote their football program at the expense of the victims' well-being. Despite the massive criticism, Baylor appears to be disinterested in taking corrective measures and therefore the legislature has the duty to intervene."

Though a private university, Baylor receives nearly $10 million in state money  that goes toward financial aid. One of his suggestions was cutting state funding from the university. Baylor Freshman, Brooke Burns , said  that would do more harm than good. ""I think it's a bad idea. I don't think they should take away our funding that they could be giving to students who need it. I think they need to punish the authorities and not necessarily the students who need that financial aid."

Gutierrez plans to deliver a letter to the governor and meet with the Director of DPS regarding the investigation. 

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