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New study suggests potential risk with e-cigarettes

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Many smokers have turned to e-cigarettes and vapes as an alternative to traditional tobacco products.

A new study suggests that these products are not without risks of their own. 

 According to Dr. Donald Cross, Director of Cardiology of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Hillcrest, currently there is not much medical research on the effects.

"The e-cigarette is fairly new and scientifically we really don't know so we're starting to collect that data."

In a recent study from The Journal of the American Medical Association, they found habitual users of electronic cigarettes are more likely to show increased cardiovascular risks. 

"The nicotine that's aerosolized in the e-cigarette may have some detrimental effects to the heart just like you get from the cigarette," Cross said. "If people are thinking the e-cigarette is something they are going to use lifelong because it's safe for them this research really brings this into question."

Many of the juices or liquids used in the e-cigarettes are offered with nicotine. The amount varies allowing users to cut down on their intake or eliminate it completely. Right now, Dr. Cross says that may be the most heart healthy choice.

"This study suggests more research needs to be done and we can't think that the e-cigarette is completely safe," he said.

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