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Family reacts to death of missing Rockdale woman

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Family members of a missing Rockdale woman confirm she was found dead over the weekend.

Emily Hacker went missing January 20. Saturday, Burleson County Sheriff's deputies were called to a business near Lyons where someone found a body in a shallow grave. 

Hacker's mother, Terri Wilson, said since her daughter went missing her life has been a living hell.  She has been depressed unable to eat or sleep.

"I've been worried sick wanting my baby to come home which I found out now is not going to happen," Wilson said. "She had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known. I miss her so much"

Friends and family want Emily to be remembered for her bubbly spirit.  Her Aunt Rebecca Vest said the two were close for several years. Vest remembers that Hacker always wanted people to smile.

Her favorite memory is at a birthday party at an ice skating rink, "She went to do a cartwheel on the ice and she fell," Vest laughed.

Family said they are trying to focus their efforts on the future, and staying strong for the two boys Hacker left behind. Tonight there is little relief in  "knowing that we found her and that we can put her to rest and start doing  what we need to do for the children to start the healing process," Wilson said. 

Edward Barry, 29, Candace Jones, 29, John Wayne Stewart, 36, and Ashley Wesson-Zawadzke, 23, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault in connection to her disappearance. There is not yet a cause of death but Hacker's body has been sent to Dallas County for an autopsy.

Hacker's family is cautious about listening to rumors about how she died. They say they know it's a long process but they want the investigation to run it's course. And most of all they are looking for, "peace, lots of peace and justice," Wilson said. 

Family have set up a memorial fund for Emily  at the Rockdale Federal Credit Union. They've also set up a gofundme for the family. 

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