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Charlie Brown decorations found offensive at a Killeen Middle School

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Patterson Middle School in the Killeen Independent School District is getting backlash from parents after a staff member posted Christmas decorations that the administration found offensive.

The staff member posted door decorations featuring a religious quote from a popular Christmas cartoon before the principal asked her to remove it. Many parents weren't happy about the school's decision.

Now, decorations of a cartoon that’s been around since 1950 are being considered offensive because of the message it spreads about Christmas.

“It's Charlie Brown for goodness sake with a wholesome, wonderful message about the true meaning of Christmas,” Bill Selby said.

According to Killeen ISD administration, the principal of Patterson Middle School said the bible verse on the door should be removed, because it imposed personal beliefs on students, but some parents disagreed.

“Growing up, it wasn't like that when I went to school. I mean we could decorate, talk about Christians, pray, anything. And now it’s like you're banned if you do or bring up anything,” Niki Kaderka said.

But the Killeen ISD administration says the decoration was not in ordinance with the Merry Christmas Bill that took effect in 2013, which requires that a display not encourage adherence to a religion.

“We talk about a community full of diversity, why can't we accept Christianity like we do everything else we have to accept,” Selby said.

Killeen ISD released a statement that said employees are free to celebrate the holiday season in the manner of their choosing if it doesn't impose any personal beliefs on students. 

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