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Hey Sugar! Celebrate National Candy Day on Nov. 4

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Anyone with a sweet tooth can visit Hey Sugar in downtown Waco, where a host of pleasantries live. 

The brightly colored sweets shop, located at 808 Austin Avenue, not only harbors all the sugar signified in the name, but also offers a variety for any and all that possess a sweet tooth. 

Before opening what would become Hey Sugar, owner Kristin Brittan's son had shown success in selling candies and used the experience to show him the importance of running a business.  

Originating in Roanoke, Texas, the proclaimed unique dining capital of the state, Brittan noticed the need for a family friendly sweets shop to find after dinner.

It's been three years and often times since the opening of the Roanoke store, Brittan and Hey Sugar  Waco general manager Ashley Majors say "How in the world did it ever get this way?" 

Majors and Brittan opened Hey Sugar on Austin Ave. Memorial Day weekend of this year. After Brittan's daughter enrolled in Baylor University, Brittan noticed the lack of candy store options other than local convenience store. 

"We wanted to be on the cusp of the revitalization of downtown," Majors said. "We wanted to see what the growth was going to be on Austin Avenue."

The storefront, with wide and open windows, has a welcoming candy factory vibe, inviting guests with color and sweets. 

"It's an experience when you walk in the door," Majors said. 

The store hosts sweets from saltwater taffy to your classic candy choices. It also has over 400 varieties of retro sodas, ice cream sourced from Denton, and even serves popcorn and cotton candy. 

"We want to take you to your childhood," Majors said. "With all the sweets you ever wanted. Anything and everything sweet, we wanted to give it to our customers."

In its first few months in Waco, Hey Sugar has definitely satisfied the sweet tooth of Wacoans and guests. 

"Our customers are the locals...the Wacoans! Those are the ones who see us everyday," Majors said. "Those are ones who keep your lights on, [the ones] you're excited to see when [they] walk through door." 

And the community has welcomed Hey Sugar warmly. Whether that's packing the store at 6 a.m. on a Baylor homecoming morning or filling up for the week, Hey Sugar has made Austin Avenue its home. 

"Sometimes we take for granted how easy it is to go in and get something," Majors said. “When you come in, the music is loud, it’s with fun tunes….It’s the experience of not just running into a gas station. It’s just fun. You get a smile when you walk in the door…you can smell the waffle cones being made.” 

Celebrate National Candy Day with Hey Sugar on November 4. 

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