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Central Texans Step Up for Down Syndrome at Annual Walk


Several Central Texans came out to support people with down syndrome.

The Heart of Texas Down Syndrome Network hosted its 6th Annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk at Warren Park in Hewitt.

Families got to participate in free activities like face painting, eating snow cones, and Zumba dancing before the walk began. 

Signs lined the pathway with facts and messages of encouragement. One sign read, ‘People with down syndrome attend school, work, participate in decisions that affect them, and contribute to society in many wonderful ways.’ Alice Kingston, the president of the Heart of Texas Down Syndrome Network, said the signs were to remind people, that together they can do anything.

"I think to see that and to say oh yeah. That's something that my kid can do or that they're  not alone in the journey either. There's a whole community of people in the same journey with them,” Kingston said. 

At the starting and finishing line, West High School cheerleaders motivated the walkers. Organizers expressed appreciation for all the vendors and attendees that came to the event to support.   

“I think that’s one of the big things,  just to know that they're never alone and for the community to know that these kids can offer so much in the general community as well,” Kingston said. 

Kingston said donations received will be put back in the community through  education, support, and resources to families and individuals with Down Syndrome. The non-profit organization will know how much money was raised in about a week. Kingston said the event usually raises about five to six thousand dollars a year. 

For more information about down syndrome and the Heart of Texas Down Syndrome Network, you can visit their website

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