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Waco businesses having tough time thriving on busy street


Waco Drive, in Waco, is a very busy stretch of road. Despite the frequent traffic, some business owners say they aren't seeing the benefits.  

Almost 50 years ago, John Connors' grandmother opened Connor Health Foods in Waco. Connor said that he followed in her footsteps becoming a clinical nutritionist.  Just months ago, Connor re-opened the store at a brand new location on Valley Mills.

Connor Health Food spent over 20 years at their Waco Drive location but decided to move in May. 

"We noticed with Waco Drive that it was more than a point A to point B. People weren't shopping as much on Waco Drive, say 20 years ago," Connor said. 

In the past 10 years, Connor said the drop in customers became more apparent, taking a toll on the store. Since moving, he's notice a change. 

"Business has actually been great.People have been finding us they see our sign outside. And saying they see the old sign as we drive by. They've been able to find us," he said. 

Along Waco Drive, there are several businesses shuttered or for sale. Mohammad Altal, owner of Sam's Southern Eatery, said restaurants often see ups and downs. Since opening Sam's four years ago, they have seen moderate success. 

"It's an okay business right now I look forward to improving it," Altal said. 

Right now, Altal gets the majority of business from word of mouth. He is, however, optimistic that as Waco grows, business will expand in the area. 

"It's a good area for business. I support other Waco Drive businesses because it's a good area."

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