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Texas is 10th strictest state for DUI penalties

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Texas is the 10th strictest state when it comes to the penalties you face if you’re caught driving drunk. That’s according to research from personal-finance website, WalletHub.

For the 2016’s Strictest & Most Lenient States on DUI report, researchers looked at 15 categories, from jail time and fines to prevention methods and insurance rates, to come to each percentage for each state.

Researchers gave the Lone Star State a score of 55 percent. In comparison, Arizona, which is the strictest state, got about 84 percent, and South Dakota, which is the most lenient state, scored about 19 percent. Nearly half of the states came in between 60 and 40 percent.

Here’s some of what will happen if you get a DUI in Texas, according to WalletHub.

Your license will be suspended for 90 days.

You’ll face a minimum of three days in jail for the first offense, and 30 days in jail for the second one.

Your car will be impounded.

Your car insurance rate will go up, on average, by 44 percent.

If you get a third DUI, it’s automatically a felony.

A DUI conviction will factor into your penalties for the rest of your life.

Drunk driving results in more than 1 million arrests, nearly 10,000 deaths and more $40 billion in damage each year, according to WalletHub.

For the full report and to see where your state ranks, please visit Wallet Hub's website.

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