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City officials, residents come together to rally for peace

Source: Bryant Ward Source: Bryant Ward
Rally for Peace Rally for Peace

Hundreds of people came together to rally for peace and unity outside of the Temple City Hall on Thursday night.

Those attending the Rally for Peace, included city Officials, first responders, church leaders, community organization and residents.

Rally for Peace Coordinator Bryant Ward said the event was planned after five officers were killed in Dallas and two African-American men by police last week.

During the rally speakers also made reference to the terror attacks in France that occurred just hours before the event took place.

"We maybe cannot change the whole world, but we can truly change our world. The area that we live in...our city," Ward told the crowd. "Maybe, just maybe, what we do here in Temple, Texas can reign to throughout Central Texas and then reign on through Texas... and reign on throughout our nation."

Music, prayer and speeches from different members of the community were part of the event.

According to Ward, the event was intended to be an outpour of peace to overshadow the darkness.

"Taking a proactive approach to it before those things even happen in our area or to stand united to prevent those things because that can happen anywhere. It doesn't happen who you are, the race that you are or the city that you're in, it could happen here, in Central Texas," Ward said.

 Mayor Danny Dunn encouraged citizens to find common ground.

"If we disagree, let's walk out of the room and still get along because that's what keeps us strong. That's what keep us together and that's what keeps us Temple, Texas," Dunn said during the event.  

Fire Chief Mitch Randles told the crowd when he asked his firefighters the reason they chose that profession, they respond because they want to help people.

"As firefighters we are your neighbors. We grew up in the same neighborhoods. We live in the neighborhoods and we're concerned about our neighbors. We are here to help people. That's what drives us. That's what makes us get up every day. That's what makes up put on this uniform day after day, dear after year," Randles said.

Police Chief Floyd Mitchell asked the community and the nation to seek peaceful discussion, patience and understanding of the difficulties and issues faced by all.

The event concluded with a prayer led by local pastors while attendees held hands. Those present were encouraged to visit with others at the rally and even exchange phone numbers.

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