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CTX police react to Dallas shooting

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Eleven officers were shot and five have died after snipers took aim at police at a protest in Dallas on Thursday, police reported.

Local police officers have responded to the tragedy:

The Woodway Police Department, Chief Yost Zakhary:

"My heart hurts, and I am deeply saddened by the tragic and vicious shootings in Dallas. Five police officer were murdered, seven were injured and unknown hundreds of citizens affected. As past president of both the International Association of Chiefs of Police and Texas Police Chief's Association, we grieve the loss of these officers.

These attacks are life altering for the officers, the agencies, the community and the entire nation. law enforcement officer put their lives in harm's way daily to protect our freedom."

The Waco Police Department, Chief Gentsch:

“As we reflect on the tragic events last night in Dallas, please keep the officers killed or injured along with their families, Dallas Police Department, DART Police Department and the City of Dallas in your thoughts and prayers. Support one another. Remember our motto, “Committed to the Community". We are fortunate that we have a lot of support from the citizens we serve. Let’s continue our mission with integrity and professionalism.”

Hewitt Police Chief James Devlin who used to work in the police department in Lancaster, located South of Dallas, refers to this tragedy as as a personal strike on law enforcement.

"It hits close to home, not only because it's an area I used to be in, but it's the profession I am in. Every officer I know that has read about this and has seen any of the videos, are in shock that something like this could happen," Devlin said.

News Channel 25 also saw residents bringing in food at the Woodway Public Safety Department and  the Hewitt Police Department. Woodway PSD Chief Yost Zakhary said he had been thanked by his service by many residents in the community. 

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