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Pit bull bites off girl's lip in Killeen

(Source: KXXV) (Source: KXXV)
(Source: KXXV) (Source: KXXV)

A 13-year-old Killeen girl is in the hospital after a pit bull bit her in the face Friday night. 

It happened around 8 p.m. near the 100 block of West Libra Drive.

Witnesses said the girl's face was covered in blood. The girl's father said a piece of her top lip was bitten off. The dog also bit her nose.

One of the girl's friends, Emily Redmon, said they were about to play a game outside when a woman with two dogs walked by them.

"[The girl] asked if she could pet them, and the lady said it was OK. She walked up to the dogs and tried to pet it, and then the dog jumped on her. And she backed up a little bit, and then the dog went forward and jumped on her and bit her face," Redmon said.

The girl's father said she's going to be OK. 

A Killeen Animal Services employee at the scene said the pit bull is going to be in quarantine for about 10 days to check if it's had all of its shots.

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