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Woman survives after crash, fall at Twin Bridges

Source: Waco PD Sgt. J. Allovio Source: Waco PD Sgt. J. Allovio
Source: Waco PD Sgt. J. Allovio Source: Waco PD Sgt. J. Allovio

A woman is lucky to be alive Thursday morning after she crashed her truck on the Twin Bridges, fell 60 feet into Lake Waco, then swam over 150 yards to shore.

It's an incident that Waco Police are calling 'miraculous.'

According to Waco Police, 24-year old Brittney Garrett was driving west on Highway 6 towards Speegleville just before midnight Thursday, when she lost control and slammed into the guard rail. The impact caused the truck to split side by side creating a hole in the driver’s side floor board. The woman, who police say wasn't wearing a seatbelt at the time, then fell 60 feet before landing in the water and then swam at least 150 yards to shore near Speegleville Park.

She was rushed to the hospital but she didn’t appear to have any major injuries but she was obviously traumatized, Waco Police Sergeant John Allovio said.

"I'm alive, thank you God. Thank you for all the prayers. Got quite a recovery ahead of me but I survived to see another day and most of all my son. Ready to get back on the field," Garrett wrote on a Facebook post Thursday evening. 

Part of the truck fell into the lake and flew onto the opposite side of the bridge.  

 “I was shocked that we weren’t doing a body recovery,” said Waco Police Sergeant John Allovio. “From the extent of damage to the truck and the force of the impact and you add to that a 60 foot fall and about a 200 yard swim-- that’s pretty miraculous.”

The Twin Bridges were shut down for about two hours while crews rescued the driver and cleared the scene.

Cell phone distraction may have played a role in the crash. Garrett told officers she was distracted just before the accident looking at her phone. According to authorities, there is no indication alcohol was a factor in the accident. 

News Channel 25's Estephany Escobar and Bruce Gietzen contributed to this report.

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