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More than 300 weapons found during search of Twin Peaks

WACO, TX (KXXV) - Police found more than 300 weapons during their search of Twin Peaks and the surrounding area following Sunday's biker gang shooting that killed nine. Police initially estimated 1000 weapons, but later corrected it to 318 and counting, as of Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Waco PD Sgt. Patrick Swanton says the weapons ranged from pocket knives, to an AK-47. Body armor was also found during the search.

Weapons were found throughout Twin Peaks restaurant, with weapons found on the floor, in a bag of chips, in a flour bag, and even in one of the toilets. Sgt. Swanton believes most of those weapons were discarded during or after the shooting.

The more than 200 motorcycles and other vehicles in the Twin Peaks parking lot have been moved. Bomb squad was called out Tuesday night after a suspicious item was found in an SUV, but they later cleared that item.

Police are still worried about retaliation from biker gangs, but that threat has diminished since Sunday. Authorities are keeping an eye out on some that are known to be in neighboring cities.
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