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Is media reception for Hasan trial appropriate?


A reception is in the works for media coming into town for the trial of the man accused of killing 13 people in Fort Hood.

The Killeen Chamber of Commerce has said they are planning a reception for all media coming into town before the trial panel selection at the Holiday Inn in town. Free drinks and food will be provided along with rides to the hotel from wherever people are staying.

Jonathan Packer, the vice president of business development for the chamber of commerce, says this comes from a committee called Making Lemons into Lemonade. 

He says community members will be there to talk with the media and explain what Killeen is like. The Chamber of Commerce also says those connections could lead to side stories showing other parts of the community.

 "We don't want to let a tragic event like what happened on Fort Hood define this community, and so we're really just trying to bridge media with those in the community that can accurately represent us and what makes us special," Packer said.

Packer was asked what he would say if someone said a reception like this is inappropriate given the circumstances and he said they are respectful of the victim's families. He says he would just like to show how resilient this town is by getting the media in touch with those who know it.

The reception is currently delayed pending concrete plans for the trial.

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