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Jimmy Kimmel offers federal workers a job on his show during government shutdown

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Jimmy Kimmel is offering federal workers who are going without pay during the government shutdown a job on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel will employ one worker per night every night until the shutdown is over. He made the announcement on Monday during his opening monologue.

His first employee was John Kostelnik, a prison guard at a federal prison in Victorville, California. Kostelnik was given a tambourine and a place in his studio band.

"That's called solving problems, folks," Kimmel said as Kostelnik took his place.

On Tuesday, he continued his promise by bringing out Mark Munoz, a father to seven daughters and a fire captain for the U.S. Forest Service.

"Today marks day 18 of the government shutdown. It's now the second longest of all times," Kimmel said.

Munoz recently fought the wildfires in California.

He placed a fake mustache on Munoz and dismissed Guillermo Rodriguez, Jimmy Kimmel Live security guard, for the night.

Both men are required to keep working without pay through the government shutdown.

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