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Sheriff's office seizes over 17K marijuana plants


The Navarro County Sheriff's Office seized 17,500 marijuana plants in various stages of growth in the county on Tuesday.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner said this is the largest marijuana growth he has seen since he took office in 2013. 

"We've seen growths that are in the 10,000 plant range. I don't believe at any particular growth site they found this many plants," Tanner said.

After a tip about suspicious activity and footage from the department's drone, the sheriff's office found plants in three separate fields along with camps where people have been living. 

The fields were found at S.W. 0030 near Angus, four miles from Corsicana.

"The growers are moving into Texas. We believe we’ve seen that trend in the last few years. It’s a hot, dry climate, you have access to the creek to tend to their plants. They’re pretty resourceful," Tanner said.

Up to 17 deputies spent most of their morning removing plants from the operation. The plants were later taken to an undisclosed location where deputies weighed them.

Navarro County SWAT and a helicopter from Texas DPS Garland also responded to the scene. The DPS helicopter checked for any nearby marijuana growths but they did not find anything. 

"We never stop looking. We are going to keep looking. We are always going to keep looking for illegal activity and keep our citizens safe," Tanner said.

If caught, those responsible could face felony charges for marijuana possession, which could land them in jail. The severity of the charges will be based on the weight of the plants.

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