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TxDOT raises awareness for motorcycle safety

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May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the Texas Department of Transportation wants to make sure you are driving and riding safely out there.

This Saturday, TxDOT will be at the Central Texas Airshow in Temple raising awareness for motorcycle safety. They will have a giant inflatable motorcycle, a big "Look Twice" sculpture, and even a virtual reality game that puts people behind the wheel, driving alongside a motorcycle.  

It’s all part of their "Share the Road, Look Twice for Motorcycles" campaign.

TxDOT says motorcycles are far more difficult to see while driving, especially while making turns and entering intersections. They say their "Look Twice for Motorcycles" campaign is aimed at lowering the number of accidents and saving lives.  

Last year, over 2000 people were seriously injured and over 500 died from motorcycle accidents in Texas alone. TxDOT said the number is at least 3-times that size for the U.S.  

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