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Family looking to press charges after dog stolen, returned with injuries

Landon (Source: Michelle Carnline) Landon (Source: Michelle Carnline)

An Austin-area family is devastated after their 6-month-old dog was stolen, and then was returned with injuries.

Michelle Carnline said she discovered her Great Dane was missing when she went to get him from the backyard, and the gate was open on Feb. 25 - her son's birthday. She had let him out around 9 p.m., and after singing her son Happy Birthday, she went to let him in, and he was gone. 

The family searched the neighborhood for their dog - twice. When they returned home, they realized the gate to the fence was not only open, but it was broken. 

She said that after talking to the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office, they told her they suspected her dog, Landon, was stolen.

The Houston Chronicle reported that police found signs of forced entry, and they have an open investigation on the theft. Carline also said they saw muddy footprints leaving their yard.

Carnline posted to Austin Lost and Found Pets pleading, "please if you took our baby just bring him back. No questions asked. Just put him in the gate. Please."

Carnline later updated the post, saying Landon had been returned the next day, but he had injuries. He was brought to the veterinarian to get patched up.

Landon had a gash on his right leg and what appeared to be burns on paws and heels. He also had lacerations between his toes that hit the bone.

The Chronicle also said that after the dog's return, Carnline found a note taped to her husband's car. 

"Hi there, my son took your dog," the anonymous note said. "I apologize he finally told us where he got him from. We will punish him accordingly. I do apologize again. Please don't get the police involved. He's just a kid."

Carnline told the Chronicle that she wouldn't have gotten the police involved if her dog hadn't been so terribly injured. 

Carnline said the family is pressing charges. She said if the suspect is caught, they will be charged with animal cruelty and theft.

Landon is at home and recovering. The family has put up a GoFundMe to help cover his medical bills.

Carnline said that Landon is having complications with his surgery and veterinarians are afraid that he might have to go back to get IV fluids due to dehydration from extreme diarrhea. 

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