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Bond set for man charged with murder after mother, son died in hit-and-run

(Source: KXXV) (Source: KXXV)
Darrel Gene Holloway (Source: Bell County Jail) Darrel Gene Holloway (Source: Bell County Jail)

The Temple Police Department said that a man and a woman are dead after a hit-and-run at the intersection of S. 1st and W. Ave. O on Friday night.

Officers said the driver identified as 60-year-old Darrell Gene Holloway, who is homeless, turned himself into authorities about 20 minutes after the incident. 

They added that they believe Holloway was intoxicated.

Police identified the victims as mother and son Maria Marta Garza, 51, and Pedro Danny Garza, 33. 

According to the Bell County Jail, Holloway is being charged with murder. His bond was set at $700,000.

Central Texas News Now spoke with a man who witnessed the incident and performed CPR on both victims before EMS arrived. 

"I couldn't imagine my worst enemy, that I would want to mow them over with my car, a few times... and then come back to make sure they're dead. That's pretty messed up," Jeremy Gleghorn said. 

Jeremy Gleghorn said he saw the deadly hit and run at the corner of South 1st Street and West Avenue O in Temple Friday shortly after 11 p.m.

"He's over the curb, right.. so he's stuck, so he's trying to back up and he squeals the tires backwards, comes back and then goes again, and when he went over the curb, I guess he went over with such force the truck fishtailed in the back. And he sat there for a little bit, and he started revving up the engine," Gleghorn said describing the incident at the scene. 

Gleghorn said he thought the driver, who police say is 60-year-old Darrel Gene Holloway, was trying to run, but he didn't.

"He mowed them over again," Gleghorn added.

Gleghorn said Holloway ran over the two victims a total of three times. 

 "He was still squealing the tires over those poor people, in complete disregard for human life," Gleghorn said. 

The witness immediately rushed to help another witness perform CPR on the male victim.

"He must have broken every bone in his body. He was just like a piece of rubber.. when I went to do compressions, there was no resistance," Gleghorn added. 

Temple Police say Holloway turned himself in twenty minutes after the incident.

"That wasn't just a you know 'I was drunk, and accidentally hit somebody and now I killed them and I'm going to jail'... he did that intentionally," Gleghorn said.

The witness said he's still in shock, describing it as a nightmare he can't wake up from that will scar him for the rest of his life.

Officials confirmed that Holloway did run over the victims twice. 

"When he meets his maker, he'll pay for this," Gleghorn added.

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