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Comedian records special at Bell County Jail

Comedian: Ali Siddiq Comedian: Ali Siddiq

Comedian Ali Siddiq chose the Bell County Jail as the setting for his new comedy special, "It's Bigger Than These Bars," which aired Friday on Comedy Central.

Before starting his comedy career, Siddiq spent six years behind bars and has seen firsthand what the inmates are going through. He says that comedy has been very therapeutic for him and filming his special at the jail has given him a chance to give back. 

Siddiq says that getting past the mindset that landed you behind bars is the hardest part. Whether you are in jail or not, that mindset is like a mental prison that can be nearly impossible to escape.

He says it took a lot of hard work to become the man he is today and he left jail out of his show for nearly fifteen years so people could see him for who he is and not as someone who spent years behind bars.  

A Houston native, Siddiq has traveled the world over and returned home for his special. 

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