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36-year-old serves the community of Killeen as the youngest NAACP president

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A Central Texas woman is serving her community as the youngest NAACP president in Killeen. 

TaNeika Driver-Moultrie was 36-years-old when she ran and ended up serving for six years, or three terms. It is a seat that she said one of her mentors did not think she could win.

"He told me I was too young and he felt like a man needed to be in that position and hold that position and so, of course, that gave me that extra drive and motivation and encouragement to definitely want to, of course, put my name on the ballot, put my name in the hat and run,” Driver-Moultrie said.

That drive is what her long-time friend, Roosevelt Huggins, said attracts so many people to Driver-Moultrie.

"I believe in everyone being a part of something and her ideas, her tenacity, her drive causes most of us to just want to be a part of what she's a part of because she just has a way of bringing everyone together,” Huggins said.

Driver-Moultrie said she is also the foundation director for the Metroplex Health System in Killeen, so she said she has to plan fundraising events all the time.

"In raising funds for the foundation, I always go into it with this notion, you have a 50/50 chance. 50 percent that they'll say yes, 50 percent that they'll say no, but, if you never ask, you'll never know,” Driver-Moultrie said.

As she observes Black History Month, she is thanking her family and her ancestors for the support and opportunity to serve her community.

"When we think of Black History month, we want to make sure that we make our ancestors proud,” Driver-Moultrie said.

Driver-Moultrie added that she was instrumental in getting the Killeen ISD board of trustees to name a new elementary school after Alice W. Douse. Douse was Killeen's first black, female principal.

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