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Dating website releases survey results, guide to better dating in 2018

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For the eighth year in a row, Match has released data from a survey of over 5,000 single people in the United States. 

The survey captures the changing norms of traditional dating. 

"Singles are fundamentally redefining courtship in healthy and creative ways," said Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor to Match in a press release. 

According to the study, meeting online is the #1 place where singles meet, ages 60+ are having the best sex and 72% percent of singles would date someone from a different political party. 

Here are some other stats released from the study: 

Relationships in the new age: 

  • 40% of singles want to build the friendship first 
  • 55% of singles have had a Friends with Benefits relationship 
  • 44% of singles have gone out on an official first date 
  • 40% of singles have dated more than one person at a time

Social Media: 

  • Less than one-fifth of singles said its okay to follow or friend someone on social media before the first date
  • After a few dates, 76% said they are friends on Facebook 
  • Committed relationships: 66% said it was time to make it Facebook official


  • One in four singles would have sex with a robot
  • 72% of singles would cross political party lines to date
  • 10% of singles view being a Republican as a deal-breaker, 5% view being a Democrat as a "no-go"

Austin, TX

Austin leads the country in three categories: "breadcrumbing," "ghosting" and "zombies." What does this mean? 

Ghosting is "quietly disappearing after days, weeks or months" after dates. 

Zombie-ing is "when a 'ghost' comes back from the dead weeks or months later, usually in the form of a sporadic text." 

Breadcrumbing is "keeping in touch with someone via messages or other social media engagement as a way to keep your foot in the door with little to no intention of wanting a relationship with them." 

Read the entire study here

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