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How to stay healthy during the holiday season

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Thanksgiving is a time of food, family and fun but it's also a time when exercise and diet routines get interrupted.

Most of the gyms are closed on holidays and most people stuffed themselves with turkey, stuffing, and a few slices of pies. 

"I think the main thing, especially looking for fitness results, is even though it is the holiday time, is to make sure that your fitness goals are still on your mind. So this is not the time to splurge and go crazy for two months through Thanksgiving and through Christmas," said Ross Coskrey a certified personal trainer. 

"My first suggestion is don't skip meals the day of your big dinner, still eat your breakfast and your lunch, make them small and balanced. If you skip meals you're likely going to overeat at your Thanksgiving meal, so that's number one—don't skip meals. Number two, try to make better choices at your meal. Thanksgiving is heavy on starch and so there's dressing, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole,  all the fun things, rice casseroles, so try to pick one or two, and do smaller portions." said Audrae Vannatta a registered dietitian. 

"Make sure it's okay with your doctor before you drink alcohol. But if you do, for women it's OK to have one drink a day, (and) for men it's two drinks a day.   Red wine is a good choice, light beer. If we stick to one or two, and we have it with our meal, and we concentrate on not doing really sugary things it should be OK." Vannatta added. 

"You can at least get outside and get active whether it's playing sports, going outside for a walk, walking your dog—something active to stay in the routine of things.  I think at least for one meal on Thanksgiving, don't think about what you're going to eat, just indulge, have fun with your family and friends—this is the time to be thankful," said Coskrey. 

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