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CTX teen faces battle with cancer

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A day in the life of Ariauna Diles starts off like most 14-year-olds.

She brushes her teeth picks out her clothes then eats breakfast, but that's about the last normal thing she does in her day.

Ariauna had been complaining about neck pain and after a trip to the doctor and blood work, her mother Mindy Watley said the doctor confirmed the worst.

"On Oct. 25, they confirmed it was Hodgkin's," Watley said.

Hodgkin's lymphoma, a battle Ariauna faces daily.

"Sometimes I get chest pains and sometimes my feet would hurt to walk on and I also got leg pains," Diles said.

Which is why she has intense treatment every week.

"We are going on Wednesday because Chemo is Thursday and just in case she needs blood they will give it to her," Watley said.

"Well I don't like the chemo because it makes me feel sick," Diles said.

Due to hospital regulations, we couldn't go to the room with her, but Diles said this is a battle she will not lose.

"I'm a fighter," Diles said.

Ariauna will go through rounds of chemotherapy for the next six to seven months followed by radiation treatments.

Her mother said the entire process will take about a year and a half and the family could use donations to help cover the costs.

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