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CTX agencies conduct sting operation in Falls County

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Five agencies banned together in Falls County Saturday night for a five-hour sting operation. It's the first time those officers involved can ever remember working together.

It turned out to be a busy night for law enforcement. Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman said, "This is not something that's easy to put together." They conducted a sting operation along Highway 6.

"Everyone is extremely committed or else they wouldn't be out here tonight," Scaman said.

"I think that's a good thing for Falls County," Sergeant Edd Nehring, jailer for the Falls County Sheriff's Department, said.

Also a good thing, their new tools to fight crime including a new K-9 named Pablo. He just came on board in July.

"He's a narcotics dog. He smells things that we as humans cannot smell at all," Rebecca Lord, K-9 Deputy, said.

Operations Captain Derick Johnson gave us a look at what's new inside the vehicles. They have new radars and new radios. "We've completely updated and upgraded the equipment in the patrol cars," Captain Johnson said. "We can clock traffic that's coming up behind us.

Behind these uniforms, there are real people just wanting to do their part to make a difference. "I'm passionate about trying to let other women know that there's things in this world that we can do. It's not just a man's world," Lord said.

"I was in the military on active duty for 8 years. Serving is something I've done my entire life," Captain Johnson said. "I've served my country and having the opportunity to serve my own community, it means a lot to me."

The goal tonight was working to get even more drugs off our streets, a little at a time. Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman, who organized the sting, says four people were arrested.

The agencies included the Falls County Sheriff's Office, Lott Police, Constable Precinct #2, Texas P&W Game Warden and Texas DPS Troopers.

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