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Sheriff's office investigating large-scale marijuana growth operation

(Source: The Hill County Sheriff's Office) (Source: The Hill County Sheriff's Office)

The Hill County Sheriff's Office is investigating a large-scale marijuana growth operation in a rural part of the county, believed to be the largest operation of its kind in the county. 

Chief Deputy R.D. White said hunters first alerted the Navarro County Sheriff's Office on Monday after discovering a plot of marijuana plants.

Navarro County sheriff's deputies responded to the location and determined it was in Hill County, he said.

Hill County sheriff's deputies then went to check out the plot and discovered hundreds of marijuana plants in several areas near Malone and FM 744. White said in total, the number of marijuana plants could cover 10 to 15 acres of land.

Deputies found 13 different areas of growth estimating in about 10,000 plants. A majority of the plants had been harvested. 

Deputies have been at the operation for three days eradicating plants and will likely be there for the rest of the week, White said.

So far, they don't have any suspects, but he said they're gathering physical evidence that might give them more information about who owns the operation.

There was evidence that people lived in the area, but White said no one was there when Hill County sheriff's deputies first showed up. Deputies found a temporary living quarters, a kitchen area and a gathering area. 

Malone is about 20 minutes east of Hillsboro.

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