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Father speaks out after his son was the victim of a hit and run, victim released from hospital

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Richard Powell is sending a message to the driver who hit his five-year-old with a car and didn't stop.

"Turn yourself in and take the responsibility of what you did," Powell said.  

The Killeen Police Department said a 5-year-boy is at the hospital after being hit, in a hit-and-run accident. 

The accident happened on Sept. 24 at around 12:12 p.m. when officers responded to a traffic crash on the 800 block of Jefferies Ave. 

"I looked down there and Jacob is laying on the side of the road," Powell said.

His son, Jacob Powell had run into the street to get his basketball when the car slammed into him.

The Killeen Police Said, officers found a 5-year-boy that had been struck by a car that fled the scene. 

"I got down there on my knees with him, his head was laying on the curb and I lifted him up by the bottom of his head just in total shock, but I knew I had to focus because he was not breathing," Powell said.

Thankfully Richard said Jacob's chest started to rise.

"I wanted to make sure that he could still have eye contact with his dad and he would follow me with his eyes and I knew *then that was a terrific sign," Powell said.

And Richard was right. Jacob was seriously injured, but after an ambulance rushed him to the hospital and doctors started caring for him he started to do much better.

Powell said that while the horrific moment on Sunday afternoon is now just a lesson to be learned it won't be forgotten and neither will the fact that they still don't know who did this.

"As of right now we are just keeping our eyes peeled, you know, be on the lookout," Powell said.

Witnesses told police a silver Dodge Charger with black diagonal stripes on the side was traveling southbound on Jeffries when it struck the child. 

After striking the boy, the vehicle stopped for a moment a couple of houses down. 

A late-model red Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger that appeared to be traveling with the Charger stopped alongside. 

After a few moments, both vehicles left the scene, southbound on Jeffries.

Jacob was released Friday, Sept. 29. and is doing well, police said. 

On Oct. 6, Killeen police said they located the silver Dodge Charger and determined it did not strike Jacob. New information has led police to believe a dark blue or black sedan with a round emblem on the front and silver tinted windows struck the child. 

Killeen police are asking for anyone with information about this crash to contact them at 254-501-8830. 

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